Man Filming Police During Occupy Oakland Shot Without Cause (Video)


Raw footage from Occupy supporter, Scott Campbell's camera, captures police shooting him.

Big cities all over the country have been filled with Occupy protesters for nearly two months.  The protests are peaceful as they attempt to take down the big banks and revitalize the economy. But, the problem is that the police are not peaceful. We showed you how out of control the police had been already when one marine came out and chastised them for their brutality last month.

But now, Scott Campbell, a supporter of Occupy, was merely trying to obtain footage from the protest–and even asked their permission to film–when, out of nowhere, he was shot with a rubber bullet.  Don’t think because the bullet is rubber that it is harmless.  They cause plenty of damage both internally and externally.

Campbell went on the Keith Olbermann show on Current TV to share his story of the accounts shown on his amateur video of the incident.  Many people have endured very serious injuries at the hand of Occupy police officers.  When the lawsuits start rolling in maybe they will calm down.

Check out the video Campbell shot and his interview on Keith Olbermann’s show below.

-J.C. Brooks

Scott Campbell’s amateur video:

Scott Campbell on the Keith Olbermann show:

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