New Line of Nail Polish Available….for Men?

The 21st century has been topsy turvy with genders and sexuality.  There’s heterosexuals, homosexuals, transsexuals, and let’s not forget metrosexuals.  But metro’s are the only group that don’t have sexuality as a part of what defines them sexually…sort of.  Well, from what we know, they merely like to be well groomed for sex and everything else. But when it comes to nail polish, let’s make it clear…no colors.

Essence magazne just tipped us to something that might be something we can expect to see soon on the fellas.  Now, I bring up metrosexuals because this nail polish is supposed to be for “men.”  Transvestites (gay or not) and gay men have always worn whatever nail polish they want.  So we assume that this nail polish is for the straight man with style?

I don’t think metrosexuals will give up their clear polish after a manicure even if the manufacturer EVOLUTIONMAN disguises its polish as “nail paint” and “varnish.”  That might be manly jargon for nail polish, but that’s not going to cover it for the straight man out there.  What do you think about this?  Check out the polish and story here.

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