Fresh New African American Radio Voice for the LGBT Community

Clay Cane, 34, the newest and only African American voice of Equality Pride Radio on New York radio's WWRL 1600AM show.

As the African American community begins to make space in the community for gays, the transition into a new day of acceptance will be ushered in by a new voice on New York radio’s WWRL 1600AM show.

Clay Cane is a gay journalist that, in his own words to the Grio, is not, “…tragically colored. And I am not tragically gay.” He is ready to give the world a refreshing take on current events and culture from a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Rutgers University, who is also a writer and speaker, that just happens to be gay.  He is joining the progressive station’s Equality Pride Radio that targets the homosexual community.

Cane is 34 and has used the last decade to hone his skills as Entertainment Editor for and as a regular contributor to BET, TV One, and other major news outlets.  But he will be the first and only African American to join the station’s line-up on Equality Pride Radio.

Meet him here as he sits down with the Grio and introduces himself and new show.

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