Lesbian Lovers Given Life Sentence for Child’s Beating Death Fall Out in Court(Video)

Erica Mae Butts and Shanita Latrice Cunningham, 25, receive life for murdering Butts' 3-year old goddaughter, Serenity Richardson while in their care.

We aren’t supposed to wish anyone ill will, but when it comes to the folks that have been raping and stealing and murdering our loved ones…well, we reserve the right to make an exception.  Two young women thought they’d beat a little girl to death and get away with it, but they were in error. The judge slammed them to the ground with a life sentence.

According to the Daily Mail, the two women beat a 3-year old girl, Serenity Richardson, to death for peeing on the floor.  They took a belt and a metal hanger and beat her entire body, except the bottoms of her feet; they were the only thing on her body left unscathed.

The judge told Erica Mae Butts and Shanita Latrice Cunningham, both 25, that the noises that the child must have made during the beating and how they could beat her through her screams was more than “disconcerting.”  She then awarded the two with life with ease…as she should have.

But then the two of them–and someone in the courtroom believed to be Butts’ mother that had to be removed because of all her screaming–lost it.  One of them started hyperventilating and the other just completely collapsed.  Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

17 thoughts on “Lesbian Lovers Given Life Sentence for Child’s Beating Death Fall Out in Court(Video)”

  1. They can Hyperventilate & Choke for the rest of their lives in prison, they took the life of a innocent child. Rat Bastards- BITC#’s

  2. Life in prison is too good for them. An eye for an eye……………..Nuff said!

  3. Was that how the poor helpless child sounded when you beat her to death? Was she screaming?I hope both of you rot in there and I hope you have horrible nightmares everyday of your rotten lives for killing a helpless child one of God ceations. I hope it haunts you foever! I hope you never havw any peace you don’t deserve any

  4. I hope they experience torture, beatings and a slow death in prison. It’s amazing how they pity themselves but wouldn’t show mercy on a defenseless 3 year old. The stupid mother should be locked up too. I’d never come support my child if they did something like that. May they both rot in hell.

  5. Those bitches got just what they deserved. Now I hope someone beats them
    to death. I’m sure the little girl was crying and screaming just like they were. Payback is a dog. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  6. They should have got the death penalty just because and child peed on the floor it don’t mean kill her she just and kid. Yall Hoes is crazy yall no yall did wrong but want to past out when yall hear yall sentence to life in prison. Just like yall was crying yall should stop beating that baby when she was crying. Yall heart will be fill lots of pain nitemare heart ace. Yall bitches deserve life n jail.

  7. Love the judge! Sista girl was so cool the way she handed down those sentences. You could tell she wasn’t buying the ‘drama’ (hyperventilating, fainiting, etc.). She can be seen in the background going on about her business. Serves both of those trifflin’ heifas right! Those female inmates are going to make toast out of both of them!

  8. Rest in peace sweet baby girl!!!! I can’t even begin to imagine how much and how long they had to beat baby girl in order for her to succumb. Where was Ericas momma when her 25 yr old was beating to death a 3 yr old! Just think of what this little girl could have become…….

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  13. It never ceases to amaze me how skanks like these two never ever attack anyone even remotely close to their size/age but yet think that it’s okay to beat an innocent 3 year old to death. COWARDS – that’s what they truly are, nothing but damn COWARDS. Well I’ve got news for them…. GOD hates UGLY and they will get theirs. My only hope is that it’s endless, torturous suffering for the rest of their lives.

  14. Serves them to bitches right. I truly dont understand how a person can even fathom the thought of harming an innocent child. What about babygirls mother. Haven’t heard anything about her. They were supposedly the god parents

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