Third Woman Comes Forward with Sexual Harrassment Claims Against Herman Cain (Video)

Wow! Herman Cain is being exposed as a dirty old man.  Another woman is saying that he harassed her?  What the heck was going on with this dude at the National Restaurant Association?  He was really having some kind of sexual drought or he’s just a real horn dog with many more women waiting to tell their story of more recent indiscretions.

According to the  Associated Press, the woman worked with him in the 90’s, also at the National Restaurant Association during the time that the other two women were being paid off for the sexual harassment complaints theymade against Cain. The woman said that Cain approached her with “aggresive and unwanted behavior.”  He invited her to his corporate apartment and gave other sexual advances toward the woman.  There has been no comment about the allegations from his campaign at this point.

Watch the full report below.

-J.C. Brooks


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