Serena Secures Self in Panic Room After Alarm Tripped by Stranger

It appears that someone else we all know saw Jodie Foster’s suspense thriller “The Panic Room.”  But, she probably never thought that she would ever actually do an O.J. Simpson sprint and hold up inside it just like Jodie Foster.

According to TMZ, tennis phenom, Serena Williams, burglar system was tripped and she took off and slammed herself inside her L.A. mansion’s panic room. But it turns out that the intruder was actually someone sent from some tennis association to her home to drug test her.

You think she knew and held up in the panic room because she had something to hide?  Probably not, but, she did the right thing when her alarm system alerted her to an intruder.

 Tell the truth, did you think people actually had panic rooms in their homes?  Anyway, check out the full report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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