Judge Caught on Tape Beating Disabled Daughter (Video)

Judge William Adams of Rockport, Texas, caught beating disabled daughter in 2004 videotape.

The civil servants across the nation are expected to be squeaky clean in their personal lives, especially if their job includes judging others.  But, there is a video of a judge beating his daughter in 2004, that is stirring plenty of controversy now.

According to reports, the daughter, Hillary Adams, who has cerebral palsy, posted a video of her father Judge William Adams beating her on YouTube.  She submitted a statement saying that she felt it was the right thing to do “now” after holding on to it for so long.  But there also wasn’t such an outlet to get videos like this out to the world back then. 

The mother and ex-wife of the judge, Hallie Adams,  also submitted this statement to the Huffington Post:

Judge Adams said this was years ago and it wasn’t as bad as it looks on tape.  He also mentioned that he had apologized. 

What do you think the judge’s fate should be after we just saw a young black man, who admittedly submitted his own video of him disciplining his son, go to jail?  Is this even more offensive because the man is a judge?  Judge for yourself below.

-J.C. Brooks

HuffPost report:

Hillary Adams explains releasing the video to Today show's Matt Lauer:

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The amateur video shot by the daughter of the beating. (Warning! Explicit language and graphic violence):

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