Jokey Joke: Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Bieber Song for Baby News

Jimmy Fallon as Justin Bieber answering baby allegations with "Baby, Baby, Baby, Noooo!"

As Justin Bieber braces himself for child support payments to a rogue fan claiming to have his 3-month old baby, the late night circuit is getting plenty of joke material out of this.  The jokes have started to be unleashed with Jimmy Fallon in the lead for best spoof.

Jimmy Fallon, with help from the Roots, have completely changed one of Bieber’s most popular songs to give Bieber a rebuttle for his alleged baby mama.  He might even be able to use this one as his tape for the Maury Povich show when they ask him how he feels about the claims.

Check him out! Hilarious!

-J.C. Brooks

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