Revised Sentencing Policy Lessen Crack Offenders Sentences (Video)

The “crack” era swept through the nation like a whirlwind.  In one fleeting moment, the already economically devastated urban communities of America became war torn battle zones brimming with despair and dead bodies and a new target for the prison system…crack offenders.  Those who sold the “death rocks” and rattled the foundation of the community began to fill prison cells all over the nation.

According to MSNBC’s Open Channel, last year President Obama signed into law a “Fair Sentencing Act” to lift the unjust disparity between crack and cocaine sentencing.  In June, the Sentencing Commission revised the law that gave crack offenders as much time or in some cases, more time than those offenders who were in possession of 100 times more cocaine than crack.  The 100:1 ratio was changed to fit the crime, but not completely.  It is now more like 18:1 ratio.  Those selling powder cocaine could get a minimum of five years in prison for a pound of cocaine and someone with five grams of crack received the same amount of time.

The report included a disturbing fact that 84 percent of those incarcerated for crack possession are African American.  It has been quite obvious for some time that the sentencing was racially discriminatory.  The rule set to activate November 1, is estimated to free 1,000 to 2,000 federal prisoners, though state offenders will not be affected.  Those being released have already had their case brought back before a judge to request retroactive reductions.  The sentences are being reduced by up to three years and date back to 2007.

A lot of people will be happy to see their family members return home and hopefully never ever repeat the same stupid mistakes.  Check out the report below or read the full report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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