Fly Like a Celebrity and Rent a Private Jet from Virgin America

It must be nice for those celebrities that can afford to jump on private jets and dash off to exotic locations. We watch MTV Cribs and dream of the lifestyle, but now it may be within reach.  All we need is about 150 of our closest friends to go in on the gas and we’re set. Continue reading

5-Year Old Arrested for Assaulting Officer?

Five-year old Michael Davis was arrested and taken off school property without any notification to his parents.

The education system in America is slipping away from all of our children as administrators in the public schools consistently fail our children.  There are incidents far too numerous to discuss here that prove that their approach to educating our children, with and without learning disabilities, is unsuccessful.  Because one school couldn’t control one little boy, they had a cop come in to scare him.  Unfortunately, Little Johnny isn’t easily intimidated. Continue reading

Woman with 15 Children Arrested, Evicted and Blames State for Her Problems (Video)

Angel Adams with her 12 children in a hotel room after being evicted from their apartment.

The “system” has been blamed for dropping the ball for a lot of needy, at-risk families.  In a lot of cases, their disorganized bureaucracy has cost children their lives and shattered families forever.  But, in this particular case it appears that the system may have been somewhat exhausted. Continue reading

Cell Phone Video Catches Baltimore Teacher Fighting Student (Video)

Baltimore County teacher gets in the face of one of his students at Youth in Transition school in Baltimore County September 2011.

There is yet another controversial ass whoopin’ going viral on the Internet.  This time it is not a father and son, but teacher to child.  And this would not be the first time.  There have been other altercations between teachers and students in Baltimore that have made national news.

According to Baltimore’s local NBC affiliate, WBAL, news reporters weren’t given much  information about the student or the teacher.  But another student caught the altercation between the teenage boy and his teacher on his cell phone.  Continue reading

Video: Sherri Shepherd Melts Butter with her Boobs!?

Sherri Shepherd shares cooking advice with Nate Berkus on his show with Aaron McCargo on his show in November.

Sherri Shepherd has been known as the funny woman of The View on ABC, but she often takes her funny on the road.  She ended up on the Nate Berkus show earlier this month and taking part in a cooking segment.  Nate is wondering if he picked the right person to cook with him though after Sherri’s advice. Continue reading

China Keeps NBA Players in Contracts as Lockout Ends

The NBA has finally decided to come together on one accord and end this lockout.  Everyone shook hands and are returning to their respective corners and it’s business as usual.  But, not for some players.  Unfortunately, some free agents did what they had to do to pay their bills and fled the country for basketball opportunities overseas. Continue reading

American Airlines Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

It is very expensive to fly these days with gas prices through the moon and airlines trying to maintain with added costs to the customer.  But, Oprah’s favorite airline she once suggested to her viewers is taking a nose dive in the economy.

According to Reuters, American Airlines has filed chapter 11 in an effort to organize their financial affairs which include what could be the biggest Continue reading

Tyler Perry Writes a Letter to Penn State Victim

Since becoming a household name in the entertainment industry, Tyler Perry has been quite vocal about his horrific childhood that included sexual assault and molestation.  Now he  has taken the time to reach out to the 11-year old victim of the sick pedophile and former assistant coach of Penn State’s football team, Jerry Sandusky.

He wrote an open letter to the boy letting him know that he is not alone and how “courageous” he thinks he is.  He even refers to the boy as his hero because he displayed more courage than the adults that knew Continue reading