Best Father Daughter Wedding Dance! (Video)


Father and daughter shock the crowd at the reception for her wedding.

A lot of us go to weddings because we are anxious to see if it will actually happen.  Some others would like to make an appearance, so they can get in on the reception food.  But those close to the family can’t wait to see the ceremony and THE DANCE.

Style magazine shared a glimpse into the reception of one couple’s wedding and it was indeed a treat.  The father daughter dance at a wedding doesn’t normally have too many surprises.  The dad is off beat or bustin’ an outdated move or the bride and him just kinda sway to the music delicately while everyone oos and aahs.  We’ve also seen the bride and groom bust out in a choreographed jam with their wedding party.  But not this time.  This is, by far, going to be one of the best experiences you ever had at a wedding without actually being there. 

Check out the father and daughter of the year!  Daddy breaks it down for it to forever be BRRRROKE!  Enjoy and congrats to the happy family!

-J.C. Brooks

8 thoughts on “Best Father Daughter Wedding Dance! (Video)”

  1. Wonderful! Brought tears to my eyes. Is Daddy single–would like to ask him our for dinner. 🙂 If he’s not–sorry mama–but Daddy got moves. Beautfil bride and the dress was beautiful

  2. Absolutely beautiful, one of the best wedding dances I’ve ever seen. Hope the bride and groom have a long and happy life. The father had some great moves.

  3. This was sooooo cute!!! I must say this is the best “Father/Daughter Dance ever!! Congratulations!!

  4. that was wonderful it briught tears to my eyes thats something she will cherrish hope the marriage last forever good luck

  5. Absolutely priceless! This made my day! Daddy’s really got rhythm and his daughter is beautiful! My daughter married in 2006, and the father daughter dance certainly wasn’t like this one. A class act!

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