Update: T.O. Gets An Offer…But Not from the NFL


Terrell Owens offered an Arena Football contract?

Well maybe the nationally televised practice we told you about yesterday that Terrell Owens put on from Calabasas, California, really did work!  But, that’s still up for debate.  We have to see how he feels about the offer.

According to Fox Sports, the Arena Football League’s Chicago Rush stepped up with an offer…since no one else did.  They have offered the NFL’s veteran wide receiver a 2012 contract with them paying the same amount as the rest of its players…$400 per week.

Right! You know it’s comin’! C’MON SON!! That’s like offering Michael Jackson a chance to win $100 in an elementary school talent show.  Everyone knows that T.O. has had his share of personal and professional issues, but $400 per week?  Can’t he make that working overtime at McDonald’s?

This has got to be a prank, but who put them up to it?  Read the full story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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