T.O. Receives No NFL Love During Recent Practice

Terrell Owens, 38, in jeopardy of not being called back to an NFL team after tearing ACL 6 months ago.

Either the NFL was playing a really bad trick on Terrell Owens (T.O.) or that brother’s chances of getting back in after suffering a major injury is a wash.  After tearing his ACL six months ago, he is already up and running for the new season, but no one showed up to watch.

That must’ve been a hurtful feeling to look up and see no one.  Experts in the game say he may still have a chance, but as good as he may be, he still needs to get faster.  If you saw him on his reality show, you know that he has a whole family that he’s caring for with his paychecks and his mother’s house could possibly be in jeopardy.  But, he vowed that she wouldn’t lose that house.

According to Sports Illustrated, the workout was televised at Calabasas High School in California.  How embarrassing!  Read the full story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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