School Teacher Chokes and Drags 6-Year Old

Mildred Russ, 65, was fed up with 6-year old Kiya Rogers behavior at the Bakersfield Elementary school in Baker, Louisiana.

This story was waiting to happen at any moment.  The old school treatment has returned and the world is in an uproar.  We have been trying to tell our children for years, “If you grew up during our time, you would be pickin’ up your teeth from various locations” or “If you grew up during our time, the teacher would beat your butt, then the neighbor if your mama wasn’t home, then your mama when she got home.”  But, one teacher showed one child exactly what we’ve been saying.

According to Your Black Gossip as well as New Orleans local Fox affiliate, Fox 8,  Mildred Russ, 65, is a teacher at Bakersfield Elementary in Baker, Louisiana.  She got fed up with 6-year old Kiya Rogers for allegedly talking too much and took her on a trip back down whoop ass memory lane circa 1974.  The little girl said that all she was doing was talking and all hell broke loose.

Russ wrapped her legs around the little girl to confine her at first, but that obviously didn’t work, so she took Rogers’ jacket and wrapped it around her neck and choked her every time she tried to move.  She also dragged her from the playground and into the office.  Her shorts and clothes had holes in them from the dragging.

Now we just went through this with the father we reported on September 27, that was disciplining his son on video and placing it online for the world to see.  But, are they heroes or do we believe that this type of discipline is over the top, even if it happened to you when you were growing up?  The argument from some is that they withstood an ass whoopin or three and they ended up okay.  But, would you consider what Ms. Russ did  abusive or par for the course?

It’s obviously a touchy conversation. There are many reasons why people have tried alternative punishment for their children’s bad behavior.  Some bring the African American history of abuse from enslavers into the conversation because it is relevant to why we believe a sound beating will clear up any behavioral problem.  Many have chosen the “time out” or “grounding” solution to be just as effective. 

But not only is the history considered, but the diminishing integrity of our society.  At one time, you could trust people to have your best interest at heart, but it seems that crimes against children and people in general are more devious and heinous than ever before.  In addition, these crimes are happening under our own nose and they emanate from deceptive sources…people we know.  

The answer to our discipline issues are not simply a case-by-case solution.  The reason a sound beating worked in the past is that the collective that comprises a community (teachers, parents, families, neighbors) supported it.  So what can we do now that both supports the child and builds the community?

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-J.C. Brooks

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