New App Developed Alerts Loved Ones ‘I’m Getting Arrested’

I'm Getting Arrested app for Android phones.

Repeat offenders, alcoholics hitting the road, lead foot folks, Occupy protesters and anyone else being hassled by the man are jumping for joy with the latest application for their phones.  The whole point of having a cell phone is to be able to contact someone in case of an emergency.  But now the new app. gets the word out quick  for those of us who like to walk on the wild side.

The “I’m Getting Arrested” application for Android phones will call anyone you want and let them know that the man has taken you down.   You can set up your alert system to include your lawyer, family members, girlfriend or boyfriend; any0ne you think will be of help to your situation.

Android developer Jason Van Anden developed the app as his contribution to the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protest.  One click of the app button will alert whoever has been programmed into the app. to come running.  The app. will send a pre-prepared text message to all those cell phone contacts chosen.

Read more here on the app. that will be getting plenty of use from more than just OWS protesters.

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