Florida Governor’s Call for Drug Tests on Those in Need of Welfare Stopped

Remember back in March when we told you about Florida’s governor Rick Scott (R), preparing to require any potential welfare recipient to first pay a $35 fee for a drug test before they could be eligible?  Well, the law went into effect in July, but now a judge has put the smacketh down and stopped the enforcement of the new requirement…at least for now.

According to CNN, a Florida judge temporarily took the heat off potential welfare recipients until the state could figure out how they can give families aid without violating their civil rights.  The ACLU put pressure on the state saying that this law was a constitutional violation:

“I’m delighted for our client and delighted to have confirmation that all of us remain protected from unreasonable, suspicionless government searches and seizures,” said Florida ACLU attorney Maria Kayanan in a written statement.

Luis Lebron is an unemployed single father, who is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy, caring for his disabled mother and his son and he couldn’t get temporary cash assistance because he refused to take the mandatory drug test.  Lebron got the ACLU involved and the rest is a win for the people. So for now, Florida residents can get help without Uncle Sam treating them like drugged up criminals.  Read the full story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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