Netflix Loses 800,000 Customers Over Price Changes

A lot of companies are under the impression that their customers will keep taking the bullcrap from them in terms of providing lousy service and hiking up prices, but that is not the case these days.  People are struggling to get by and Occupy protesters as well as Netflix customers are showing us the way to get things done.

The Netflix company thought they were going to corner the market with their streaming and DVD movie service after they seemed to become the only game in town after Blockbuster closed more and more stores.  Now MSN Money reports a major retreat of their customers after announcing they were going a la carte with their services.

That didn’t work for them though. It wasn’t just a few customers they lost, they lost 800,000!  While they held strong in the stocks, it wasn’t enough to throw the market off the trail of the silent protest that carried a big hit!  The shareholders will now be keeping a close eye on the company.  Read the full story here.

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