Comedian to Give Show Called ‘Live from Niggerhead’

Sarah Silverman

Comedians are always trying to push the envelope using the excuse that comedy is a place where the gloves come off and there are no boundaries.  But, some might feel that the latest show is one of those instances that just the title of the show is over the top.

According to Color Lines, Sarah Silverman is calling her next show “Live from Niggerhead” as way to keep politicians like Rick Perry exposed and not washed up under the rug. Silverman felt that the story of Rick Perry’s family having the “Niggerhead” ranch was gone from the news a little too quickly for her.  She wants him to remain in the news for his transgressions.

Silverman is known for her outlandish comedic style.  She often makes fun of the Jewish community (similar to Jerry Seinfeld) and they are both Jewish.  She plans to give all proceeds from the show to the NAACP.  She said Perry and others like him need to remain exposed.  We know we ahve short memory spans when it comes to this sort of thing.

Read the full story here.

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