MC Hammer to Start His Own Search Engine

MC Hammer announces his new search engine, WireDoo, at web 2.0 summit in San Francisco, Wednesday, October 20, 2011.

People can say what they want about MC Hammer, but he wasn’t one of the biggest rappers in the game for nothing.  He knew how to get the party started and he remained an enterprising entrepreneur after his successful, but flamboyant career came to a close.  Before Oprah left the airwaves she introduced us all to his new life in the tech world.

According to the Washington Post, he is now starting a search engine called WireDoo.  The former genie pants wearing rapper is presently in the pre-beta stage of completing the engine and you can try it out here or put your name on the list until it’s ready.

The key element distinguishing the site from other search engines like Google is supposed to be its “relationship” based search rather than a keyword search.  Essentially, it’s sort of like how Facebook finds your friends and it shows the relationship between you and that person and also gives suggested friends you can link up with based on the relationship they have with your mutual friends.  Everything’s linked somehow.

Check out an example in the full story here.

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