Jokey Joke: Man Quits Job While His Band Plays! (Video)

In this recession, there are still many of us who can’t afford to quit jobs that we hate.   Some of us are making a stand by not quitting our jobs in support of all those who can’t find work.  But, one man threw caution to the wind and stepped out on faith and walked away from his job where he admitted they treated him like “shit.”

From the footage and a note he wrote to put the video in context, we gathered that he worked at the Providence Renaissance hotel for three and a half years, he tried to start a union there where he felt the working conditions were deplorable. 

Obviously, he was treated so horribly that it forced him to take extreme action.  He said that his union was not a part of his choice to bring his band, the What Cheer? Brigade.  So, while this is in our Jokey Joke section, it is a very real and serious walk-off.  Fight the power nameless activist!

Check it out below.

-J.C. Brooks

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