Skydiving Couple Tapes Sex in the Air

Alex Torres and the receptionist for skydiving school they both work for use school's plane for a freaky deaky jump.

The media has been all abuzz about a young married couple who have sex for money online to take care of their daughter and have more time for her.  But, there was another couple who slipped under the radar over at the skydiving school.  These two put the “f” in freak.

According to Mediaite, Alex Torres is a porn star, skydiving instructor, and …freak!  He took the receptionist from the skydiving school where he’s also employed on one of the planes and started to bump and grind.  Well, in R. Kelly fashion, they taped everything. 

But, while the session is in progress, BAM! THEY JUMP!  in MID GROOVE!  This was an exceptional feat of both agility and videography as they kept the cameras rollin’.   Somehow the tape of them got off his private blog and was circulated at Taft Union High School…thus, trouble!

But, the funny thing is, they’re both of age.  So unless someone complains about seeing them over their head, they may just have a repeat performance.  Read the full story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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