GOP Debate in Vegas Gets Ugly (Video)

Last night in Vegas, Rick Perry attacks Mitt Romney's policies on immigration saying that he knowingly employed "illegals" in his home.

Las Vegas hosts some of the biggest boxing matches in the world.  Folks come from all over to see contenders get knocked out.  And last night was no different…well, except for it being the GOP debate.  A few moments during the debate were akin to the highlights of the Pacquio/Mayweather fight.

Conservative as they would like to say they are, the republican presidential candidates down and dirty with it on stage last night.  Anderson Cooper was hardly recognized as Rick Perry yelled over Mitt Romney repeatedly.  Had it really been a boxing match Mitt Romney would’ve gotten his face bashed in well after the referee jumped in.  Rick Perry was desperately on the attack because of his sagging approval ratings and lack of support during the last few debates…and Romney pointed that out.

Herman Cain was road killon the stage with Michele Bachmann leading the attack on him over his 9-9-9 tax plan.  It was like watching a pride of lions taking a wildebeest down and taking turns chomping on him.  They wouldn’t let up and it seemed he couldn’t defend himself effectively to remain the front runner that he’s been.

Check out the sparring match between Perry and Romney below.  Michele Bachmann got her wish today, “What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.”  Check them out! 

-J.C. Brooks

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