Four Mentally Handicapped Found in Horrific Kidnapping Case (Video)

Linda Ann Watson, 51, Thomas Gregory, 47, and homeless man Eddie Wright, 49, all charged with abducting four mentally handicapped individuals Saturday, october 15, 2011.

The prisons can’t be built fast enough to cover the overflow of criminals, old and new,  that have been cropping up all over the nation.  Is it the recession that’s driving people insane?  This case out of Philadelphia has shook up the police department and anyone living on Longshore avenue where four mentally handicapped young adults were found.

According to a local NBC affiliate, Linda Ann Weston, 51, Thomas Gregory, 47, and a homeless man, Eddie Wright, 49, are all charged with holding the four hostage so they could take their Social Security or disability checks.  The formal charges against the trio is “aggravated assault, kidnapping, conspiracy, false imprisonment, reckless endangerment and related charges.”

It appears that they have carried the four from Texas to Florida and now Philadelphia for what the police propose has been at least 10 days.  They were discovered when called about squatters in a home near where they found one of the captives chained to a boiler.  Their ages are 29, 31, 35, and 41, one woman and three men, respectively.

They were in subhuman conditions using the bathroom in a bucket and one filthy mattress for all of them. And there was one more surprise in the bunch…she’s served time, Watson served time for murder already.

Check out the story below.

-J.C. Brooks

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5 thoughts on “Four Mentally Handicapped Found in Horrific Kidnapping Case (Video)”

  1. So grossly awful; i remember the old TV show starring Bea Arthur as Maude & 1 of her fav comments was “God’ll get you for that”….! Well Amen & i hope they all go to Hell. I have a dear loving sister who is mentally challenged so i cannot fathom anyone so evil as to perpetrate this criminal act.

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