Weave Bandits at Large in Atlanta

Women of the Atlanta area!  Don’t be so quick to accept a compliment from random strangers who say, “Your hair looks hot!”  (Especially if you know that it really is.)  You might be talking to the fuzz and they’ll want info on your hot hair connection. Who would’ve ever thought that hair would become so valuable that one would have to start stealing weave? 

The city of Atlanta has women in a panic, but some on the receiving end of some very valuable locs at rock bottom prices.  The weave heists are not new to the Atlanta area as Clutch magazine reported on the nationwide phenomena earlier this year.  But, one major heist occurred in Atlanta September 23, and the bandits made off with over $100,00 worth of hair from a major chain “Beauty Masters.”  Did the report really say $100,000 in HAIR? What in the fraggle nackle bull crapple is going on when hair has this type of worth?

Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair” needs to be revisited in the worst way.  Black women have got to be tired of getting ripped off at the beautician and hair supply.  I can’t wait until the black woman comes along with the synthetic hair invention that will singlehandedly solve the quest for the most convenient, economical, fly hairstyle and stop this madness.

Read here about the heist that left the hair supply store owners laughing at the criminals last week.

5 thoughts on “Weave Bandits at Large in Atlanta”

  1. the price reflect how rar it is, nobody who has long hair like to cut it therefor Human Hair will always keep its value. it actually gets more rar since in india temples have less and less folowers are willed to spend hairs for free as donation to the temple. so hairs today must get buyed with hard cash from the human hair donor

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