Faculty at Wilberforce University Charge Former President with Stealing…A Lot!

Rev. Floyd Flake, pastor of The Greater Allen AME Cathedral of New York charged with looting Wilberforce University during his tenure 2002-2008.

It appears that the christian community can’t catch a break with all the dubious activities of its ministers.  Sex scandals, countless acts of larceny…and speaking of larceny, now we have a reverend who doubles as a minister and also a university president.  But, unfortunately, the university was left hanging, but his time sheets never stopped rolling in.

According to the New York Post, former congressman Reverend Floyd Flake really is a flake.  He presided over one of the country’s largest congregations in his Queens, Ny. church, Greater Allen Cathedral of New York, and ran Wilberforce University in Wilberforce, Oh., which has a formidable academic reputation.  As he simultaneously held office in both places, his wallet fattened with  hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary and benefits.

Now the Wilberforce faculty are checking all the cookie jars and he’s ravaged every one.  The faculty’s lawyer, Robert Fitrakis, filed a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office saying, “He came in and looted the place.”  The Post report broke down his earnings.  In 2008, his total compensation package was “$340,100, which included his salary of $145,833 and a retirement benefit of $149,267. He also had a $45,000 expense account.”

Flake had an Escalade, flew in and out of Ohio once per week, he didn’t move into the home for university presidents, but got his own nearly $200,000 condo, and is charged with faking a salary for 40 hour weeks.  It appears that they’ve caught you red handed Flake.  Give up the goods! The university is going bankrupt.

Read the full report of the scandal here.

-J.C. Brooks


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