Man Assaults Wife for not “Like”-ing his Facebook Post


There have been a lot of miscommunications in the world’s biggest social place…Facebook.  Folks have been disrespected in unimaginable ways on the social tool.  The ridiculous disputes have led to suicide and killings.  This time a nut case beats up on his wife for not liking a post?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Benito Apolinar, 36, allegedly assaulted his wife for not pressing her “like” button fast enough when he posted a memorial to his mother on the anniversary of her death on his Facebook page.  He reportedly felt that she should’ve been the first to “like” his page.

Can you say mental illness?  Facebook should have a battery of mental tests performed on its subscribers.  Folks get tired of seeing significant others battling it out on and off Facebook over what they post.  Hopefully, after his arrest, she “defriended” him.  sheesh!

Read the full story here.

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