Michigan State Erupts with Outrage over Racist Attacks

Racist vandalism to a black student's door at Michigan State University.

What is going on in America?  Are we regressing to the racist temper tantrums of the pre-Civil Rights era of this country?  What else can explain the juvenile sprinklings of the N-word and a swastika around a college campus.  The students are not going to take it laying down though.

According to the Grio.com, Michigan State University is experiencing a racial explosion that has been brewing for some time.  The university has not acknowledged nor found any of the culprits that have littered the campus with racial debris. 

Wednesday night, 1,000 students of all cultures with various concerns came to a town hall meeting where they could let the university hear their issues with not only the racist intimidation, but the university’s lack of attention to the crimes.

Black student groups throughout the state, including Western Michigan University’s National Pan-Hellenic Council, have committed themselves to assisting with upcoming protests and any other efforts necessary to light a fire under Michigan State’s administration to end any further racist attacks. 

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