12-Year Old in Court for First Degree Murder of Baby Brother


Cristian Fernandez, 12, is being charged with first degree murder of his two-year old half brother.

Back in March, a Florida pre-teen was held responsible for the death of his baby brother and was arrested for murder.  His mother said that the little boy hit his head on the bookcase, but officials proved that she was covering up the real crime for her older son.  This is a rough case because both the perpetrator and the victim are children.

Cristian Fernandez, 12, allegedly beat his two-year old brother to death March 14, and the Florida’s state prosecutor is charging him as an adult and with first degree murder. An online petition has been started to prevent the boy from being tried as an adult.  If tried as a juvenile, the sentencing will be substantially lowered.

Wednesday, prosecutors and defense attorneys asked a judge for a few more weeks to work out a plea agreement.  Fernandez is the youngest person in the history of Duval County to be charged with first-degree murder.  So far, the New Hampshire woman that started the petition has garnered 114,000 signatures.  His next visit in front of the judge will be October 31. 

Change.org is a crusader for the boy. They e-mailed subscribers an e-mail to help with the petition by giving more detail on the case that said:

“Cristian hasn’t had an easy life. He’s the same age now as his mother was when he was born. He’s a survivor of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. In 2010, Cristian watched his stepfather commit suicide to avoid being charged with abusing Cristian.

Last January, Cristian was wrestling with his 2-year-old brother, David, and accidentally broke David’s leg. Despite this, their mother left Cristian with his brother again in March. While the two boys were alone, Cristian allegedly pushed his brother against a bookcase, and David sustained a head injury. After their mother returned home, she waited six hours before taking David to the hospital. David eventually died.”

Go to Change.org to follow the case closely and also help if you can.  Also, read the full story on Wednesday’s proceedings and previous stories on the case here.  Where do you stand on juvenile offenses that result in adult charges?

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  1. Too bad this didn’t happen in Texas. Perry and Co. would be salivating with anticipation.

  2. It is heart wrenching to hear Adult’s abuse and neglect is ruining the lives of precious children.

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