The View Heats Up with Sherri and Barbara on the N-Word (Video)

Sherri Shepard tries to explain to Barbara Walters why she didn't like the way she said "Niggerhead" in reference to the Rick Perry scandal Monday, October 3, 2011.

The N-word sparks debates with all sorts of people.  One of the most ironic conversations is the black person who chooses to use the word, but doesn’t like it when white people use it…even when singing along to rap songs.  The gripe is understandable, but wouldn’t it be solved if the word disappeared from the universe?  Well Sherri Shepard admits to using the word with friends and family, but became indignant when Barbara Walters used it.

On The View Monday, Whoopi started their infamous Hot Topics discussion with the Rick Perry “Niggerhead” debacle.  Well, when Whoopi, and obviously any other black person who uses the word uses it, they give it that endearing “a” on the end instead of the “er”; it is nearly said with love, according to Sherri.  When Barbara Walters joined in the conversation, she mentioned that Whoopi opted to use the actual word rather than the politically correct “N-word.'”

Sherri tried to explain her angst when it comes to “white people’s” use of the word.  She told Barbara she wouldn’t understand even if she could explain it.  Granted the conversation is warranted maybe in another setting, but the globe was watching and weighing in.  What do you think about Sherri’s reaction?  In this context, does it seem like she was picking a fight that had no real bearing on what she was trying to say?  In other words, was it necessary?

Check it out for yourself and weigh in.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “The View Heats Up with Sherri and Barbara on the N-Word (Video)”

  1. Bottom line don’t say it. If we walked around repeating all the racial slurs towards whites you all would be highly offended. Wouldn’t you love it, “Mst orning slave master, how can I serve you today?” Just leave the word alone. Too much pain and suffering behind it. If you use deragatory names to reference your mother dos that give me the right to repeat it? No! Shut up!

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