Berlin Building Morphs into Robot and More for Ad (Video)

Berlin is putting itself on the map with an ad being enjoyed on a local store front. The ad is so dazzling that when watching the video, it is easy to see how the people that were present to see the display up close and personal stood and watched in pure amazement.

The futuristic phantasm which is an ad for LG’s Optimus One with Google is projected in an unbelievable 3-D display morphs the building into a sort of Transformer building robot, that turns into an ocean of fish (and a whale) that swirl all around the building in mid-air, then turns  into ice and ice skaters appear and begin skating across the front of the building and the ice breaks with a monstrous…well, you gotta watch it to believe it.  Check it out below.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Berlin Building Morphs into Robot and More for Ad (Video)”

  1. What company made the 3d video that was projected on the building in berlin for LG

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