Update: Father Jailed for Beating Son on Video

Devery Michael Broox, 25, uploaded a video of himself disciplining his son and was arrested Monday, September 26, 2011.

The story we reported last week on the unidentified father of a child that was disciplined on camera for the world to see, was a story by Jasiri X for Worldstarhiphop.com on Sept. 26.  Essentially, he agreed with the treatment the man’s son was given, but he neglected to let us in on the father’s arrest.

That very same day the story was printed on Worldstar, the father, Devery Michael Broox, 25, was arrested for child abuse.  We didn’t get that information from the Jasiri X article, but the associate professor at Howard University he quoted in his article, Dr. Ivory Toldson, who said that Broox should be arrested gave us the information.

Toldson commented on our story saying:

“The man in this video tape was arrested (http://www.jailbase.com/en/arrested/fl-occ/2011-09-26/devery-michael-broox-11037327) for his actions.

I’m sure many of you who commented in favor of this man’s actions will cry fowl. You have your opinion, however my personal opinion was not formed to limit the personal liberties of parents who chose corporal punishment. My opinion was formed based on the many children and adults who I’ve worked with, many in prison, who experienced abuse as a child. The actions seen in the video will only add to the number of black men in the criminal justice system, not prevent it. Please learn the difference between discipline and abuse. Understand that being a parent take insight, wisdom, creative, love, and yes discipline.

Yes, I am a parent, and yes it is hard. But abuse is abuse. If we don’t hold our own accountable, then we will be subject to the state. Black people, we better than that. And we better than the man in this video.”

Wow.  I wonder how much time he’ll get for this and how THAT will affect his son.  One to grow on, ladies and gentleman.  One to grow on.

-J.C. Brooks

24 thoughts on “Update: Father Jailed for Beating Son on Video”

  1. I disagree.
    The father was right. His son was repeated behavior from the day before. I agree with all measure the father used. As a woman I wanted to cry, in fact my eyes have watered. Then I had to remember “men discipline differently” and boys need different discipline methods than girls.

    As a single mom there are times when I could have used this man’s help and perhaps it would have prevented some of my tearful nights. While I understand the firm hand and the necessity of why, I’m not so sure I totally agree with how.

    My personal thoughts are that the shaving of the head and eyebrows and the beat down would have been enough at age 7 or 8. The boot camp (plus the other two) should begin at about 9. Only if there is a re-occurrence of behavior then the boot camp could be thrown in.

    “When we know better, we do better.”

    Where is the mother? obviously missing since the Grandmother is rasing the boy and she sends the boy to his father for discipline. I also believe that the actions of the boy to continue his behavior without correction will only result in 1 more black male in the criminal justice system as well.

    We “in the black community” have now adapted a no spank mentality and that if you do spank then you are abusing. Not so.

  2. I say the world needs more men like him in this world, if so there will be no more black on black crime , no gangs, i’m not saying he’s was right to beat his child i’m saying maybe his son will start acting right, i know i would

  3. I, for one, believe this man was not wrong in his actions. Secondly, I also feel you spare the rod, you spoil the child. Now, I believe that he should not have videotaped it in my opinion because it causes embarrassment to that child, however; abuse is when you come home and you just beat on your child for no given reason! If my children do something that can cause them harm and/or it disrupts a rule in my home, you are correct that they will be disciplined! I deal with my children now so that the judicial system cannot and will not have to deal with them later in life…and i will tell any judge that!!!!!!!

  4. Black people are sick.

    There is discipline and there is abuse.

    He went over the line.

    Videotaped it.

    Beat that kid like a slave.

    Verbally abused him.

    And you say the kid deserved it, a small boy deserves to be beat like a slave by a closeted homosexual part-time dad?

  5. “The actions seen in the video will only add to the number of black men in the criminal justice system, not prevent it. Please learn the difference between discipline and abuse. Understand that being a parent take insight, wisdom, creative, love, and yes discipline.”

    For the most part too many black parents beat their children like dogs curse them out like slaves yet think that is going to make a child behave.

    Kids don’t do what you say they do what you do!

    That kid, if he hasn’t already, will bully and torment another kid. That so called father did not show one speck of love to that child and furthermore I am women enough to have gone to that ‘mans’ twitter, the day I saw that shit on Mediatakeout, and I called him out.

    He deserves jail and if he were my family member I’d drop dimes and find it hard not to lay hands on him for such abuse.

    Discipline and abuse are two different things. He was abusing that child FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. Shameful how low we as a people have gone.

    Ask any black man who is in and out of jail how he got treated by his so-called father figure!! If he didn’t get molested or ignored he got the shit beat out of him!

    Abuse does not breed success it breeds a criminal mind.

    Discipline equals success, abuse equals failure and that so called part time daddy needs to know the damn difference between the two!

  6. The father was DEAD WRONG. I am 100% for disciplining your child, even if that discipline constitutes a spanking. I am NOT for the humiliation and cruel punishment of any child!
    1) he should have NEVER EVER taped such a thing, looks like it was done JUST to humiliate the poor young kid even more.
    2) What was the point in cutting his hair and eyebrows? He already had a low fade and his hair cut was just another way to humiliate.
    3) the granny sent him to school “bummy” as a punishment?!? WTF? Another way to HUMILIATE the child.

    I truly do understand the intention to get the child to act right in school, but the father was 100% wrong in his actions. In my opinion, both the father and the grandmother could use some parenting classes. The father, based on the grandmother’s acts, probably was done the same way as a child. Humiliation does not work. As someone who was made to wear pissy panties on their head because they peed in the bed as a young one, I should know. My father used the same tactics on me, and it didn’t serve anything except to beat down my self-esteem.

  7. I think people don’t get it. When I was growing up my friends and I all got disiplined for bad behavior with a belt. Most of us grew up to be successful adults with no gang ties or jail time. We understood consequences. To many kids are more interested in getting attention from their friends and making them laugh, than respecting adult authority.I would not have videotaped the incident but the child probably needed it. I teach in the inner city public school and the children are out of control.Parents need to take a stand and be parents. It is probably better for the child to be with the grandmother and spend time with his father when possible. Stop being judgemental people and support parents who are trying.

  8. This was not abuse!! Are you serious? SO what he videotaped it. So what he shaved his head. So what he made him go through a mini-bootcamp. That boy was in no way humiliated and so what if he was. This father did nothing wrong! That’s what’s wrong with kids now–they are too damn soft because their parents are soft and want to e PC.

    All of this political correctness mess might work for white kids, but not our kids. When they get out here in the real world, no one is going to take it easy on them or show them any amount of PCs. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and Black kids have to work 2 or 3 times harder or go to jail or end up dead. Those are the options. So if getting his head shaved, being a little humiliated, doing some hard exercises and a butt whooping will prepare him for what’s in store, then so be it. That boy will be alright.

  9. I watched the video and it very disgusting how a parent can beat their child, hear the screams of the child and then curse the child out for screaming. Its very disturbing that some people would agree with such an action. I would never beat my child cause I know how it feels. It’s torture. I hated my father for a long time because of it. And now we have a strained relationship. Beatings just do not work. My brothers were beat and they are still running around on the streets.

  10. I know this guy PERSONALLY! Devery is a very nice man he is a mentor and helps boys in the community along with a group of guys I went to college with. He isnt cruel person nor evil and ten years is to the EXTREME. I am going to make sure I go to the courtroom and support Devery because he is somebody who cares about our youth and in the black community we all know that this form of discipline is 100% normal and most of us were raised this way. We are not dead and are parents are not in prison. Those whoopings we got saved many of our lives. I dont get it that you cant whoop your kid with a belt but cops can break your bones with night sticks, tazer you or shoot and kill you. What sense does that make?

  11. @ TYE:

    ”My personal thoughts are that the shaving of the head and eyebrows and the beat down would have been enough at age 7 or 8. The boot camp (plus the other two) should begin at about 9. Only if there is a re-occurrence of behavior then the boot camp could be thrown in”.

    That is why the authorities are involved in this case. No sane person would ever to that to their child and it sure is funny how we lower the standards of child abuse when it comes to other peoples’ children. I applaud the person who called the police because the father needs to be stripped of all parental rights until he learns how parent and discipline his child.

  12. First of all……I did see the video and the father did not just whoop the son just to get fame or attention he did it as I felt as a learning tool for his son. Second, before the father did the shaving of the head and the eyebrows and the military style pushiment he had a talk with his son and he ask him what happen and he went over with him what him and the Grandmother told the boy not to go to school do the same things he did the day before, and still the boy went back to school the very next day and still got into trouble. Third, the boys father ask him if he felt that he should be rewarded for his wrong doings because he gets nice things and goes to school with nice clothes, shoes, haircut etc and the father stated that he would not reward him for his bad behavior so, the father was being a father and not the little boys friend. The father was being a parent who showed love toward his son by caring about what he does and doesn’t do when the child is not in his presents and when he does not follow the rules. I to got whoopings as a child and as a 40yr old woman I have never been in trouble with the law and never been to jail and I still respect my parents and thank them for the discipline to this very day. The father did nothing wrong!!!!!

  13. Mr. Broox could benefit from parenting classes to enhance his discipline skills not jail time which will likely destine the young boy to a life of crime or gangs because the ONE positive male figure he had in his life who actually cared about him is now gone. when are we going to start educating ourselves and giving people a chance to recover, grow and learn from mistakes not suffer for them when intentions were good?

  14. This is just stupid. I read that he got TEN YEARS for this. The hell with the system if the kid keeps showing his butt beat him till he understands right from wrong.

  15. Learn the difference between abuse and discipline.

    Crazy shit like this is why the black community is a damn failure!!

    No other race of people are so FATHERLESS and VIOLENT.


  17. Black folks are crazy still treating their kids like slaves with excessive beating.

    White folks are laughing at us on this. Why? They see we are violent towards our kids but look at your average black neighborhood: A FAILURE due to violent that starts at home!

    This ain’t the slave days this ain’t 1950!

    Learn to raise your kids right, from the start TALK TO THEM.
    Show me love.

    If you have to disapline, mix it with LOVE.


  18. That video made me cringe. The cussing and the beating of a small child naked with a leather belt while the fathers friend watched and helped! He deserve whatever time he get! And also there are reports that he supposedly isnt the boys father but a so called “mentor”? He has no business shaving his eyebrows, he is a boy. That was cruel and unusual punishment. Lock him up!!!

  19. FYI – Devery Broox is not this boys father / Devery Broox should NEVER be aloud to be blessed with fatherhood cause he obviously has something against little boys ! This was not punishment but humiliation / HUGE difference ….. I just hope Mr Broox is being shown the same form of humiliation during his 10 year stay in lock up … And to the person who said this is passed down from slavery ! your a complete idiot !!

  20. How stupid can one be. The father got what he deserved. That is not discipling to show the child that he cares that was discipline showing that “hey am in charge”. When your kid starts fearing you, watch out it can go either way they can lose respect for you or hate you

  21. Hitting might be discipline,but humililtation is abuse. Shaving the head an eyebrows is going to far. What is the father going to do when he gets a message that his son got killed or killed himself for the shaved head and shaved eyebrows? The kid can’t show Good old Dad respect if he dies from the abuse he gave him. Hey Dad what do you think of that?

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