Musiq Soulchild Dedicates New Song for Breast Cancer Awareness (Video)

New music from Susan G. Komen's Circle of Promise Ambassador Musiq Soulchild, "Yes"

There are so many of us that have lost loved ones to the vicious disease of Cancer.  October is the month that we give special attention to the cancer that we thought was specific to women, breast cancer.  One of the most well known men to fight the disease and win is Richard Roundtree, best known for his role as Shaft.  A lot of women have beat the disease as well, but early detection is a major reason why. Continue reading

Pregnant Mother Eats in Store, Child Taken Into Custody

Have you ever snacked on fruit, opened a bag of chips, or maybe even drank a bottle of water on a hot day before paying for any of these items?  We think to ourselves that we’ll pay at the cash register.  What’s the harm in that?  Obviously, jail time and your kids being taken into protective custody. Continue reading

Is Herman Cain Another Clarence Thomas?

Herman Cain

Herman Cain has been on a roll lately.  Leading in the polls and riding high on his 9-9-9 tax plan that  he can barely defend, he surely never thought he’d be a front runner for president.  But the temporary fame has really gone to his head.  Just last week we heard that he told his staff members to “be seen and not heard.”  But now, all his Godfather bravado is getting ready to come to an end with talks of sexual harassment in his past. Continue reading

Best Father Daughter Wedding Dance! (Video)


Father and daughter shock the crowd at the reception for her wedding.

A lot of us go to weddings because we are anxious to see if it will actually happen.  Some others would like to make an appearance, so they can get in on the reception food.  But those close to the family can’t wait to see the ceremony and THE DANCE. Continue reading

Herman Cain Supporter Speaks Out Against ‘KKK’ Democrats, Al ‘Shakedown’ Sharpton and Others! (Video)

Tea Party supporter and right wing extremist Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani speaking at a recent tea party rally in Houston where Herman Cain was the keynote speaker.

Do you remember Khalid Abdul Muhammad?  He was supposed to be a spokesperson for the Nation of Islam, but at times he was more than Farrakhan bargained for in his speeches that became more oriented to hate rather than pro-black.  Well, there’s a new guy on the scene that is supporting Herman Cain in his run for president and he’s reminiscent of Muhammad.  The only difference is that he’s pro-Republican over Democrat and he makes it known in a recent rant at a tea party rally where Cain was the keynote speaker. Continue reading

Update: Rayon McIntosh Speaks Out and Campaign to Free Him Has Been Unsuccessful

Rayon McIntosh, 31, in court after being arrested for beating two "aggressive" female customers in a Greenwich Village McDonald's where he worked.

Since our report on Rayon McIntosh, we’re still upset with his immediate incarceration at Riker’s Island after defending himself  from two young ladies in a dispute at a Greenwich Village McDonald’s.  McIntosh had already done 11 years and was trying to be on the straight and narrow when two women attacked him and caused him to retaliate. Continue reading

Samuel L. Jackson Makes Guiness Book of World Records for Salary

No one has a work ethic like Samuel L. Jackson.  Ever since he signed up with Spike Lee and hit the big screen with the rest of his jheri curl buddies in School Daze, the offers haven’t stopped rolling in.  Who would’ve thought that his small role in that flick would lead to so many others? Continue reading

First Black Marines Finally Recognized by the White House

There has been a long line of African American soldiers recognized by the U.S. government for their accomplishments and duty in the U.S. military.  Well, now there is one more that was left off the list when the White House was handing out medals.  The marines…the first African American marines. Continue reading