Site Posts ‘Extremely Controversial Things’ Giving Racists Voice

If a site asks its viewers to say the most controversial things that they wouldn’t normally say to anyone for fear of an argument or worse, what do you think they would say first?  That’s right, you guessed it…something racist!

According to, the Reddit site is somewhat of a controversial site that has the “unfortunate tendency to reflect the worst of the internet.”  They recently posted a thread where they asked their readers to post their most “extremely controversial things” that they “honestly believe.”  And the freaks really came out for that.  They bombarded the site with things like:

“half the black people in my area are lazy complainers – it’s especially annoying to have them complain about Mexicans who work their asses off and get no aid while the black people get wellfare, food stamps, and free housing because they keep popping out babies. Note, this is for my area, where this is common practice, I have no idea how it is in other places… most women who claim to want equal rights are full of shit; saying they can have the same jobs yet roll their eyes at stay at home dads, say that it’s unfair for guys to hit girls, etc.”

The site took on so many “controversial” things that it almot shut down.  And the above comment was voted by the site as one of the best.  That should give us all an idea of what type of lower species we’re dealing with on this site. Don’t give the site the satisfaction of a “hit” by visiting their site.  Just check out the nonsense in the report here.

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