Jokey Joke: Worst Back-up Singer Ever!

It is truly a shame that American Idol won’t see this woman because she may be too old to be eligible for a chance on the show.  She desperately needs their critique of her singing. I’m almost certain that anyone that has told her that she needs a little coaching in that area, she has labeled haters. But, you can judge for yourself right now.

The first thing I expected was for this woman to sing a song in church and be off key or something.  Well, to my surprise, she was not even singing the song, but the church was playing a track from a gospel CD or something and she was kinda singing along.  She sounded like you or me singing along to our favorite song in the car, with the exception of not even making up the words, but just hitting the chorus.

Pay attention to the man behind her.  He appears to be struggling through the performance, so much so, that once, it looks like he makes a move that translates into, “Damn!  It’s not over?!” The woman behind him is struggling to, but she tries to not be as obvious by doing the church move…rocking from side to side.  This is too much…check it out for yourself!  I don’t know how they made it for more than six minutes.  But notice that they are in church and no one, not one person, yelled the almost required, “Take ya time!”

-J.C. Brooks

One thought on “Jokey Joke: Worst Back-up Singer Ever!”

  1. Bless her soul, God said to make a joyful noise. He did not say that it had to be in toon.

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