Facebook Gets Political with new PAC

Facebook is becoming an all encompassing business venture for Mark Zuckerburg.  Not only do they connect you with those you love and “like”, but they are reinforcing their commitment to the big and small businesses that want your business by forming their very own Political Action Committee (PAC).

 According to the Huffington Post, Facebook has upped their lobbying dollars an extra  $200,000 from last year to $550,000 this year.  The name of their new PAC is, what else, FB PAC.  But, they have decided to follow in Google’s footsteps of joining forces with the GOP and hiring republican consultants.

They plan to give a little to get a lot by offering small businesses $10 million in free advertising.  Every business that redeems their $50 credit will be entered into a contest to win more likes and check-ins.

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