Controversial Discipline Results in Call for Father’s Arrest (Video)

Father prepares to discipline his child with a haircut and more.

There are a lot of children falling by the wayside in our communities and they are being bullied, bullying others, or even losing their lives because of it.  When I was coming up, the proper treatment for some child stepping out of line would be a belt, but more and more parents find that to be a bit too much. posted a video of a father disciplining his son in an old school way.  But, the video has sparked controversy and some are saying that the father should be arrested for his behavior.  The child obviously lives with his grandmother, who had enough of the child acting up in school and called on the boy’s father to step in and get him in line.

Well, as you will see, the discipline includes:  hair shaving, eyebrow shaving, a butt beating with a belt, and a boot camp workout.  One professor at Howard University chimed in saying, “I think what he’s doing is illegal and he should be arrested for it. I think it does fit into the category of psychological abuse,” said Dr. Ivory Toldson, associate professor at Howard University, senior research analyst for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Negro Education.”

I will leave the comments to you.  Do you feel that this form of punishment was over the top or do you agree with the author Jasiri X, that the father “was deeply concerned about his son” and is putting in the time to keep his child out of jail or worse?  Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

50 thoughts on “Controversial Discipline Results in Call for Father’s Arrest (Video)”

  1. Because there are so many out of control children that eventually make it to adulthood, I totally agree with the father’s disciplinary actions. If the Dad was just allowing his son to act a fool and not take any steps to correct his behavior, then Dr. Ivory Toldson would still not agree with the parent’s actions. No parents are perfect and of course we know children don’t come with manuals. Who are we as society to say what is “extreme” when displicining your children? What about all of the parents that do not use any form of punishment (whippings, taking electronic devices, etc) and those children still lacks respect for them, school personnel, and others? If this action makes this child realize that there are consequences to your actions and straightens his behavior then I applaud this young Black father for stepping to his parental duties!!

  2. I am at a loss, as are a lot of us, as to what to do about our children. I applaud this father for stepping up and doing SOMETHING to save his child. Instead of criticizing his parenting style, why are we not commending him for being a father who cares?

  3. If that is what it takes to get the message across then that is what it takes. I’m sure there was a progression. That being said, why tape it and the language was not appropriate.

  4. Has anyone ever considered why this child is acting out to begin with? Better yet why the child is being raised by his Grandmother and not his parents? Children require day-to-day nurturing. An absent Father, who comes in to discipline may not be getting the entire story behind why the child’s behavior is less than expected. It takes more than discipline to raise a child.

  5. do you agree with the author Jasiri X, that the father “was deeply con cerned about his son” and is putting in the time to keep his child out of jail or worse~~~~I COMPLETELY AGREE with the FATHER~~~~~I did this type of thing myself with 3 sons ( they are in their 30s and they are GOOD Men)

  6. the way he spoke to the child alone, is an embarrassment to the black community and the way we parent. (slave mentality is rooted deeply within us and we just don’t get it!)

  7. The father stated… Do we reward you? Do you enjoy coming over to play video games? Then he later told the guy who came over… we are going to take turns on his behind. There is more to parenthood then playing video games with your son and inviting a friend over to (abuse) whip your son! There is something mentally wrong with this father! How can you beat your child until you are tired and then ask a friend to help you beat him?

    There is nothing wrong with disciplining your child with a belt. I got the beat down also. However there a line to consider when teaching your child right from wrong. Try building a relationship with him. This child responded to this man as if he was almost frighten. I don’t have a problem with making the kid do physical exercise as a punishment – it’s better than the video games.

    I have a problem with the Dad filming his actions, cutting his hair (the son seemed hurt as the clippers cut his hair. Discipline can be a very good tool to use for rearing your child however do not invite your neighbors over to participate. Discipline is a form of love not an act of foolish behavior to embarrass your child or to hurt him for all the wrong reason.

    This man needs to have all parental rights taken away until he learns how to discipline a young boy.

  8. Also to shave the young boys eyebrows for talking in school. That is abuse. Our parents beat us but they didn’t cut our eyebrows. The father is mentally unstable.

    I pray the grandmother did not let the child return to his house for more displinary behavior.

    Tis true… a man can only teach a young boy to be a man however there is no need for this type of action. There are more things to becoming a man than beating you out of your youth and your innocense.

    We’ve all talked in class before multiple time and I am sure there are more of us that did not receive this type of discipline when we arrived home letter in hand.

  9. Yes I agree although I don’t think it should have been broadcast in social media for the world to see. I work with middle school and high school students and the abusive language, inappropriate stares, and disrespect towards authority period is very common in the urban school districts. I think as long as the father has tried other methods that have failed which probably what has drove him to this level then I feel all children need to endure this type of punishment especially those that are unable to be corrected any other way.

  10. So this is how we treat our young black boys? I can’t believe how callous we have become as a people. If we collective can’t see anything wrong with a thuggish father beating and humiliating his son and putting it all on a hip-hop website for the world to berate his son and praise his actions as a father, there something terribly wrong with us black people. This hood rat does not even live with his son. (Maybe that’s a good thing).

  11. IT is a SHAME on anyone who looks as this father ..DISCIPLINING HIS SON..When we all know that half the population of black men are locked and innocently murdered on DEATH ROW. Finally..FINALLY..there is a black man that is whipping his child not out of a drunken STUPOR..but because his CHILD was being disrespectful to his grandmother and SCHOOL. WHEN WILL BLACK PEOPLE SEE THE TRUTH BEHIND SLAVERY AND THE DAMAGE THAT IT DID TO US!!!??? People want us just to get over it..there is noooooooooo such thing. I applaud this man. May more fathers follow his footsteps. SMH. For the blacks that must not feel sympathetic every time you read about slavery or be discriminated against just because you are black..maybe it doesn’t hurt you enough being called a nigger …or even have the nigger define your skin color..smh. JUST LIKE THE INDIANS, JUST THE JAPANESE, just like THE JEWS…black people need to take a stand and SUPPORT EACH OTHER..if we fast forward time..and subtracted this boys father ..and he ended up being on the streets snatching yo mamas purses and laughing about it..then you guys would blame the lack of parenting in the home. The lack of a BLACK MAN to his should be ashamed..don’t let the government or whomever blind you ..Give black people a chance.

  12. I think his discipline was right on point. As a correctional officer I see too many young black males that never got any discipline and should have. We don’t know why the boy lives with his grandmother, maybe the father is in the military,or works nights or is trying to correct his own past mistakes we don’t know. What we do know is the boy had been told about his actions before. As for the hair cutting the dad said if your going to act like a clown in class your going to look like a clown thats why he cut his hair and eyebrows. It didn’t kill the boy. As for the “boot camp” he is either going to quit acting up or he will one day make a good football player or marine, either way he won’t be in prison. As for the taping thats fine too. The little boys teacher now knows he was disciplined, his friends now see what his actions got and maybe they’ll think twice before they act up, the boy now may get to be the butt of jokes and he’ll see how it feels and he may quit teasing and acting silly in class. Also that was not a random friend helping the dad that was his brother the boys uncle, which lets the boy know there is two black males in his family that cares about his behavior and if his father is not around his uncle can and will step in to help the grandmother and the boy. Be proud some black males have stepped up and get off their backs.

  13. I can go along with the whipping because I am old school but the shaving of the eyebrows and boot camp workout was a little much. Then you bring a friend in to help whip your kid too thats some sick s—t. Now someone needs to take him and do the same thing to him. Where’s the mother in all of this because I would have been on the father like white on rice.

  14. @ Jennifer

    That is complete BS. I know several correction offers and none of them disregard the conditions of the community from which these boys come from. They may not like it, but they understand it. That’s why many of them work with volunteer programs along with local law enforcement. The father has dreadlocks, so he is not a member of the military (a good correctional officer would have caught that). Also, thanks for limiting that young man’s career options to at football payer or a marine. Your view of young black men is duly noted.

  15. Well at least he did come when she came and is trying to do something. I am a single mom raising 2 boys ages 14 and 8. When I call their father he says “what can I do I talk to him over and over and their just going to have to learn the hard way”. I’m like WTF!!!! over my dead body. I don’t even call him anymore I just handle it myself and some would think I may go a little to hard on my boys, but I will be damned if the streets get mines.

  16. I meant “Well at least he did come when she called and is trying to do something.

  17. The only problem I had with this is the videotaping, funny thing is all these Dr.s running their mouths about what should have been done is the reason our kids are screwed up today, you have to raise a kid according to that child’s personality and needs, my kids for one do not require alot of spanking because I can raise my voice and they will sit down, but every once in a while they will test my threats and find out the hard way. I rather spank my son now then have him climbing through your window a few years later robbing your house, some kids dont respond to timeout, alot of kids need strong discipline and need their tails kicked. Tv,music, and society have taught children to be disrespectful to their parents on top of the fact that in the inner city most kids dont have a father in the house to command some respect.

  18. @Ray: I wasn’t limiting his options I was giving you different ways to look at the discipline and what it could do for him in the future(an educated person would have caught that). As for his father being in the military he could be out hence the dreads. ( that shows your view of young black males) because he has dreads he can’t have a night job or a truck driving job which would make him gone most of the time hence why the boy could be being raised by the grandmother. As for correctional officers if you really knew the job you would know that we cannot get involved as much as we want because that is considered a conflict of interest. But the area someone lives in does not have to affect their behavior. There are many kids, black, white or hispanic who come from lower income homes or broken homes (one parent or grandparents raising them) who do well and behave well in school. This was solely on this child who had apparently been warned before so yes the punishment fits the crime as they say.

  19. Have You Idiots thought about loving and affirming your child to change his or her behavior? Engage your child spend time telling them how special they are. Love is like a drug for children. I bet this ignorant bastard and many of you who agree with him have cant express love and affection to your own because you dont have it to give. Why? because somebody beat your ass too. We need to realized how this kind of TRAUMA at the hands of those who are supposed to love and protect us is the reason why we are fucked up and in jail now. OUr kids dont get what they need at home so they seek it in the streets and elswhere. WAKE THE FUCK UP! TRAUMA LIKE THIS IS WHY WE ARE NOT PROGRESSING! LOOK AROUND!

  20. Furthermore if your ignorant ass does not have the patience to raise children, STOP ….. All you are gonna do is create some … monster and unleash his ignant traumatized on society to be another statistic. We cant afford to be this damn ignant(not ignorant but ignant) anymore!

  21. @ Jennifer

    Please grow a brain. I shouldn’t even reply to you. I made no reference of the father’s occupation. You said that he could be in the military. I said he was not in the military because he has dreads. Anybody who knows anything about the military knows that dreads are not permitted. The remainder of what you wrote is garbage and not worthy of response and I seriously doubt you are a corrections officer because many of them do volunteer and mentor, incase you did not know that.

  22. If the father really cared about his son he would be raising him – notice the child lives with his grandmother?

    Any fool can beat a little kid and shave their head. Takes a real man and father to get out to work each day, and put a rook over his childs head, get them breakfast and all other daily duties.

    Arrest the man.

  23. In response to Pat:

    You really don’t know why the kid stays with the Grandmother so why assume it’s negative. The question was whether the punishment was appropriate. No matter where the child stays that’s his father and he is trying to teach his son a lesson. I questioned the language and whether he should tape the event, sure by now he’s sorry he did. But you are insinuating that he’s less of a father because his son lives with the grandmother when you aren’t privy to the facts.
    Additionally, how does holding a chess piece over your child’s head make you a better father?

  24. I heard this on the radio this morning and I cried. I am a 13 year old girl and I can say that that was unnecessary, that was mean and I want to hold the little boy. I think the child gets it by now and the beating was enough. The shaved head and eyebrows and the physical workout punishment was not necessary and WILL traumatize any child! That was extremely scary to listen to and It hurts to know that this kind of thing happens. This illeagal and over the top physical abuse to the child and physiological traumatization. This father should be arrested and sentecnced to life for thinking this is OK!!

  25. First of all, we all need to stop trying to tell people how to discipline and rear their children. It is all a matter of opinion. What needs to take place is the Government/State needs to stop getting involve in these types of situation. I do not believe in child abuse, but I do favor a child being discipline. So what is cut off his son hair, it will grow back. I have seen worse things. Parents who abuse their children sexually do not get half the time he is facing. Give me a BREAK.

  26. WTF, First of all, why isn’t he raising his son, just there to punish him, what freakin message is this sending. I respect the butt beating but the cutting of the hair and brows, that is not acceptable. Here is a child that has to be laughed at, taunted, and then you place it on tv, people are taking you tube and facebook to far, hey you want to post yourself acting like a clown, then you got what you deserve.

  27. For all you people that agree with the eyebrow cutting and hair cutting method, oh I agree, I agree, WHAT THE HELL WOULD YOU HAVE DONE IF YOU HAD TO GO TO SCHOOL THAT WAY….Wake up all you, with that I agree BS…. You would not have gone to school, the beating was enough, and that butt beating should have been kept in the home, not publicized to show you are the man, the father, because the child already knew that….and maybe just maybe he needs your attention DAD……

  28. We can all probably agree to disagree depending on your own rearing. My parents didn’t spare the rod and I don’t spare it with my children either. I don’t however humiliate my children. Why did he video it and upload it? Because he’s a young father and he for all tense and purposes is still immature. As far as the physical exercise, our boys on the 6 yr old football team go thru the exact same treatment when their mom tells the coach “he was acting a fool at school today coach.” IN MY OPINION, the only thing he shouldn’t have done was humiliate him with the hair, brow cut and the video. Everything else is…well it is what it is. An ass whipping!

  29. Based on our society, this was considered abuse. The disciplined the child in the 3 different ways for the one offense. You discipline the offense only one time. He cut the boys hair, then spanked him. I think that was enough in my opinion. If he wanted to do the boot camp the belt should have not been introduced. We have to be careful especially with our kids. They are of a different breed. There way of thinking is totally logical in their opinion. However we try to bring that old school approach to a new school child. Kids are much smarter than we were at their current age. Although we don’t allow them to do as much as we did, because of changes in societal norms; they are smarter than we are. We have to be careful, because what we took as kids, they don’t. What they see as normal we see as being disrespectful. We have to understand that there perception does not fit our norms as far as respect is concerned. The adult is speaking and the child should be quiet has changed totally. Kids now have the concept of being more equal to adults. But Parents are to blame for that..

  30. Although it was had for me to listen to the little boy crying I see no problem in the discipline, the father was giving. Ok so the little boy lives with his grandmother, maybe that is what is best for him, but no one asked where the little boys mother is. To me it will make him think twice about his actions because obviously talking did not help. Some kids today need to get discipline cause they have no respect. If more parents would 1. step up and take care of they kids we would not have this problem 2. stop being they childrens friends and be the parent and stop letting the children run you would not be this problem. Now some of you on here mad cause of the way he treated his child may have had the same thing happened to you and vowed to not do it to your child but for some kids this discipline is needed. Not all kids are like this but the ones who act up need this.

  31. So we now know that the 7-year-old boy isn’t even Broox’s biological child. The grandmother asked Broox to act as a mentor to her grandson, whom she is raising. This story is very muddy. If Broox isn’t the kid’s dad, then what he did is assault plain and simple.

  32. how bout give the man some parenting classes instead of jail time? Dr. Toldson should volunteer to educate this dad, give them free sessions and help him be a better parent not punish him for good intentions by condoning his incarceration.

  33. OMG , kids make mistakes , and they sometimes go off the path , but this a hole is truly the one with the problem , , that poor little boy , Love and kindness is a far better way , he cusses , and throws some crap about girls at school . When you beat a child , they only learn to hurt , i truly hope this man is so punished , as well as the other dude in the video , and i pray that the little boy knows what his father did was so wrong , and the get help , wow , so so very sad ,, And why put this on video , if he really cared about his child that was the worst thing he could have done

  34. I don’t see what the problem is EXCEPT that he videoed it. My 13 years was just released from bootcamp. Don’t arrest him, give him father of the freaking year for opening up this discussion.

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  36. So, if you carry this forward, it means that anyone who upsets anyone else should be allowed to beat the hell out of them…be it a child or an adult. Violence begets violence. How evolved are we? Not…God help the kids who live through this type upbringing. And, for anyone who disagrees, just let me know how you would like to experience this type of corrective action when you screw up at work, at home, on the street, etc.

  37. abuse? u gota b kidding! wake up people. im a mom of 4 sons & a stepson. FIVE boys. sure boys will be boys but you have to be harder on them! you dont let your kids do whatever they want. At least this dad IS trying to do something to correct his son. All you hear is bout dead beat dads & crap. Why is this child abuse? Cuz a PARENT took action on his son being a badass in school. He clearly stated he had just disciplined him? You never let up on your rules with any child! today kids are runnin crap & pulling the poor me deal. When a kid gets his way all the time & then gets into society & a person tells them no then they want to have a fit & go stupid killing folks in schools & crap. Get a grip people! Its ok for BOOTCAMP or BOYS RANCH to do it but a parent cant? shoot i praise this father. I dont let no stranger discipline my sons. and i sure as hell dont need bootcamp in my house. I am bootcamp for my sons! nothing but respect for those parents who dont give up on their kids.My sons respect me & n their elders & trust when i say all i say is “try me” & they know better than to even roll their eyes. i didnt beat them, but i sure as hell didnt let them get away with runnin my home or walk around acting like fools either! LAW states under the waist,above the knees. you dont see nothin so how you guna charge him. Damned if you & damned if you dont! Let the man go.This kid has a chance at life.without sum1 who cares enough to put the tough love on him, he’s guna b another number!

  38. this is just another example of a deuch bag with small man syndrome taking his personal self esteem issues out on someone smaller and weaker. its pathetic and disgusting to see someone treat a child in this way. im all for a good ass whooping, but to dis figure your child and WHIP them that many times is excessive and leaves me in dis beleaf that someone like this could even be a father in the first place, passing on bad habbits to the next generation, good job dad!

  39. As a social worker, I frown upon this. As a black women, I feel sorry for our community. Instead of beating our kids, lets try to love them and teach them. When children act out we need to look at the situtaion and analyze the cause. The child obviously lives with grandma…where is mom? He only sees dad to play video games and get beatings. Wake up black people

  40. I am appalled at some of the comments that glorify this “father’s” actions. This is NOT OK! I am a single, Black father myself and I have a son. I am in the military and I am very stern with my son. This guys actions are totally overboard. If he took the time to do more for his son rather than playing video games, talking to him with such vulgar language, beating him senseless (and allowing his friend or relative to beat him too, “we gone take turns with his ass”) and being a “father” only when the grandmother calls on him, perhaps his son would do better. If he had a good example of how to behave himself versus the example he sees in his peers and maybe tv, he would act better. It takes more than just an “ass whooping” to raise a child.
    And even if I did agree with his actions, why put the crap on the Internet? What was the purpose, to dehumanize and demoralize this child? Now he is stuck with this video and the possibility to be taunted and ridiculed by his peers. If this child decides to commit suicide because he is being bullied as a result of this video, how would the “father” feel? Those that agree with his actions, how would you feel? If it were you Im this video, on the receiving end of this abuse, how would you feel? Put yourselves in this child’s shoes. If you were an adult or child receiving this type of treatment and it was captured on video, then posted on the Internet for millions to view, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? This is pure ignorance!

  41. singleblkman, as a fellow veteran, I would love to know your commander’s number, just to tell him how much of a pussy you are.

  42. FOR ALL THE PARENTS OUT THERE…… You want a child that once thought of you as his hero hate you with a passion, to the point that wishes your death…..follow this coward form of punishments, and be sure that you are destroying what you say you love. Teach by actions . Want an respectful, and kind, loving child???? Give him love, teach him.through love…OR PLAN FOR HAVING A FUTURE GANGSTER, DRUG ADDICT, DROP OUT, AND FUTURE INMATE AS YOUR SON! ……. Parents…..YOUR CHILDREN ARE YOUR REFLECTION OF WHO YOU REALLY ARE.. ! Don’t let a day go by,,, and still act like a coward!!!

  43. FOR ALL THE PARENTS OUT THERE…… You want a child that once thought of you as his hero hate you with a passion, to the point that wishes your death…..follow this coward form of punishments, and be sure that you are destroying what you say you love. Teach by actions . Want an respectful, and kind, loving child???? Give him love, teach him.through love…OR PLAN FOR HAVING A FUTURE GANGSTER, DRUG ADDICT, DROP OUT, AND FUTURE INMATE AS YOUR SON! ……. …..YOUR CHILDREN ARE YOUR REFLECTION OF WHO YOU REALLY ARE.. Why have them , if you can’t love them? ! Don’t let a day go by,,, and still act like a coward!!!

  44. This wasn’t even his father…was suppose to B a mentor! Wanted a viral video…was showing off. Let someone beat him, nothing but a degrading show off for cameras. Glad he was arrested!!!

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