Controversial Discipline Results in Call for Father’s Arrest (Video)

Father prepares to discipline his child with a haircut and more.

There are a lot of children falling by the wayside in our communities and they are being bullied, bullying others, or even losing their lives because of it.  When I was coming up, the proper treatment for some child stepping out of line would be a belt, but more and more parents find that to be a bit too much. posted a video of a father disciplining his son in an old school way.  But, the video has sparked controversy and some are saying that the father should be arrested for his behavior.  The child obviously lives with his grandmother, who had enough of the child acting up in school and called on the boy’s father to step in and get him in line.

Well, as you will see, the discipline includes:  hair shaving, eyebrow shaving, a butt beating with a belt, and a boot camp workout.  One professor at Howard University chimed in saying, “I think what he’s doing is illegal and he should be arrested for it. I think it does fit into the category of psychological abuse,” said Dr. Ivory Toldson, associate professor at Howard University, senior research analyst for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Negro Education.”

I will leave the comments to you.  Do you feel that this form of punishment was over the top or do you agree with the author Jasiri X, that the father “was deeply concerned about his son” and is putting in the time to keep his child out of jail or worse?  Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. This for Lady T. Children are not born out of control, they are born innocent. They learn being out of control by seeing their Parents when they are out of control. I think the people are sending a wrong message to the child. When the kid goes to school and the kids make fun of him, he just shave their hair and eyebrows to solve his problems with the kids at school. Is the Father going to punish the kid for solving his problems like Daddy did with him when he is a problem?

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