Google Steers Campaign Spending Toward Republicans

The wars have heated up in D.C. now that election time is brewing and everyone has took to their corner.  The ugliness builds in D.C. like no other place on the planet during this time.  The meek and mild become the most cutthroat of them all.  Those we thought we could count on to do the right thing are influenced in ways they never thought they would be, including those who put their support behind companies like Google and Microsoft.

The two are heavyweights in campaign contributions, but normally Google and Microsoft have contributed heavily to Democrat pockets.  But now that the Web wars have heated up, Google has taken up strange bedfellows in Washington to make sure they end up on the winning side.  But, the Republicans? The same folks that belong to the Tea Party?

Well, Google has some ‘splainin’ to do with those who are  Democrat and have seen their support for many years.  Why the sudden jump over to the GOP?  Is Microsoft that much of a competitor online and off?  It appears that they are.  And since the Supreme Court has taken the liberty of making campaign contributions limitless in Jan. 2010, Google can take all of their financial arsenal to get their way.  But, do we want to support them as they try to win the votes of those who normally don’t work in our best interest? 

Read more here to see how deep the fight between the two companies goes. But for some reason, I don’t see anyone getting rid of their Google toolbars anytime soon.

-J.C. Brooks

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