Texas A&M Interim Assist. Chancellor Fired; Pulls Knife Out

Jay T. Kimbrough, 64, fired from Texas A&M and brandishes knife against staff Wednesday, September 21, 2011.

Some people cannot be fired from their jobs easily and in this economy, it’s getting harder and harder.  We’ve seen that over the years with postal workers to the extent that when people choose to go crazy on the job, they call it going postal.  Well, this guy definitely didn’t work for the post office, but he certainly went “postal.”

According to AP, Jay T. Kimbrough, 64, was fired on his birthday via e-mail.  He held the position of interim Deputy Chancellor at Texas A&M. His boss and A&M’s Chancellor, John Sharp, which was just hired earlier this month into the head position, was the one who lowered the boom on Kimbrough.

Kimbrough went ballistic telling university staff, with knife in hand, that he would only give up the keys to his office if anyone was “man enough to take them.”  When he was met by University police, they announced themselves as officers and he said, “So am I.”

But, the plot thickens. Both Kimbrough and Sharp are friends with an influential person…one running for President.  That’s right! None other than Texas governor, Rick Perry.  As he makes his way around the country campaigning for President, two of his buddies are having it out on a college campus.

Kimbrough is a former marine who has been a longtime adviser and former Chief of Staff for Perry.  Sharp is a former classmate of Perry’s in the 1970s at Texas A&M. Perry came to the aid of his friends by having his spokeswoman address the situation. “Jay Kimbrough is a decorated war veteran who has given his life to public service. The governor has the utmost respect for and confidence in both Jay and John Sharp,” said Perry’s spokeswoman Lucy Nashed.

And yet another “coincidence” in employment is Kimbrough’s predecessor to the Deputy Chancellor position, Mike McKinney.  He was yet another former Perry chief of staff. Sounds like a little nepotism has gone down at Texas A&M with the TOP positions for the school.  Kimbrough was making a salary of $300,00 per year. 

Check out the full story here.  Seems like there’s a much larger story here than Kimbrough brandishing a knife and taking on the staff of his department.  I smell a fish.

-J.C. Brooks

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