Interracial Marriage On the Rise, but Does Integration Equal Opporunity?

Lately, we’ve been reporting on similarities of race relations in this country today as opposed to that of old.  But, now there are reports that interracial marriage between African Americans and whites are on the rise.  Other minority groups aren’t seeing a significant difference in their rate of marriage to whites.

USA Today reports that the study, published in the October edition of the Journal of Marriage and Family, found that in 2008, that of all black marriages, 10.7% were, in the past year, married to whites.  The measure they use to show a significant increase is that in 1980,  there were only 3% of said marriages.

 But, Roderick Harrison, a demographer at Howard University and the Joint Center for Political and Economical Studies pointed out that we are still the least “assimilated.” The numbers show that Asians in 2008, married whites at the rate of 34% and Hispanics to non-Hispanics at 28%.

But none of this so-called benchmark of integration has done anything to remedy the lack of opportunities for black America.  As the director of the Cornell Population Center and the study’s co-author, Daniel Lichter, put it, “This doesn’t imply that we’ve moved into a post-racial society.”  The number of black and white marriages still remain very low.

The lead author on the interracial marriage study, Zhenchao Qian, a sociology professor at Ohio State University, suggests that the more opportunities African Americans experience by way of “higher levels of education” and in the workplace, the more interaction they have with whites on those levels, thus suggesting that African Americans have made more economical and social progress since 1980.

But as Harrison stated in the report, it still suggests “that the divide in this country remains between blacks and everybody else.”  There has not been a major exodus into opportunity for African Americans.  The majority of interracial marriages between blacks and whites, by Qian’s admission, in at least the last 10 years, can probably be found between the more wealthy of the two groups. 

The insinuated element of the report is that integration shows more progress, but we’re still watching the first African American President be told on the Congressional floor during his speech that he lied, we watched Troy Davis be put to death based on speculation, and our children still lag behind in educational resources.

The interracial marriage shouldn’t be weighed against opportunity and/or integration, but the report’s significance in those areas is insinuated.  We are happy for those who can find happiness with anyone.  That’s the hot commodity of the day.  Who cares who you’re married to as long as you’re happy. 

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-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “Interracial Marriage On the Rise, but Does Integration Equal Opporunity?”

  1. I have been interracially married, as well as internationally married.
    I have known many interracial couples. As I see it, most interracial marriages are based on anger. This anger stems from lack of available men for black women; lack of opportunities for black men married to black women;not bonding with father figure during formative years; revenge toward a thwarted romance (s) within one’s own culture. Other interracial marriages I’ve witnessed have been based primarily on curiosity and/or delayed rebellion during the maturation process. In other words, most interracial marriages I’ve witnessed were NOT HEALTHY. Also, having been married within my own culture as well, I know for sure, a greater comfort level is to be found within one’s own culture; and this provided all criteria for successful couplings are met, e.g., age, interests, education, etc.,. Oh, and the children from interracial marriages have a hard way to go if they don’t embrace both parents’ cultures with equallove. And that’s a juggling act few can manage even with love at the forefront. But such is life in these times. And for sure, interracial marriage is an enriching experience.

  2. It’s the sign of the times. Each generation is becoming more tolerant, and more walls are crumbling. The more we move up the ladder, the more we interact with other races. It’s only inevitable that blacks and whites will fall for each other.

  3. This is only confirming what many already know and have experienced. IR for a good number of couples are born out self-hate and contempt for one another. They are used as weapons to hurt the other in an attempt to free themselves of their pain they have gone through with members of the opposite sex in their own race. Also contributing to this phenomenon is the amount of media attention that has been solely given to black men and women regarding the issue which I find highly suspicious of. Numerous books, tv shows, blogs, etc have been formed to push the interracial agenda, yet no forward pushing of any kind has been pushed to repair the broken relationship between black men and women. These agendas have only served to further drive both genders apart from the other. Despite the rising percentage of marriages the black community still exists in a constant state of flux where we are still the most impoverished and discriminated group in this country.

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