Comcast Seeks to Close Digital Divide with $9.95 for Internet

It seems that only a few people in the U.S. are without Internet and Comcast is going to help everyone get online. They are going to offer a rate so low that it is hard to resist, whether you want Internet or not.

According to CBS, the cable provider will offer a rate of $9.95 to low-income families.  the lower rate should provide families with an opportunity to help with their children’s education. Comcast offers their Internet Essentials as their assistance with closing the digital divide, but they have also inked a deal to acquire NBC Universal and this program helps them stay in compliance with the agreement. 

An executive vice president for Comcast, David Cohen said in an interview, “We have this wonderful technology which has the potential to be a great equalizer, providing access to education, health care, and jobs information across multiple income populations…”

But some of the criteria to being eligible for the program may be a hindrance for some:

– You can’t have had Comcast’s Internet service 90 days prior to joining the program.

– You can’t be overdue on any of your Comcast bills.

– You can’t have any unreturned Comcast equipment on your record.

Get current people so Comcast can get you online.  They are also offering assistance with upgrading or buying a new computer.

Read the full story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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