White Teens Kill Black Man in Race Crime (Video)

Deryl Paul Dedmon, 18, charged with capital murder for the death of James Craig Anderson on June 26, 2011, bragged about running him over.

We just reported on the relevance of the movie “Do the Right Thing” and how the racial climate hasn’t significantly changed since that time.  But, we are also watching Troy Davis face the death penalty today as  the U.S. courts completely ignore evidence of the man’s innocence.  Now, we have a hate crime that will certainly be under the  microscope of NAACP, Democracy Now, the Southern Poverty Law Center and other organizations that are watching Davis be executed today.

The black community of Jackson, Miss., was devasated by the hate crime of six teenagers that beat and ran over James Craig Anderson, 48, on June 26.  He died shortly after the incident and he left behind a mate of 17 years, according to CNN.  But, even with video footage of the incident, five of the teenagers involved were never arrested.  They’ve been allowed to run free while the town and Anderson’s family suffer from the loss.

The teen that was arrested is Deryl Paul Dedmon, 19, of Brandon, Miss., who, after the beating, ran over Anderson with his F-250 truck.   He has been charged with capital murder of a crime the indictment alleges was a part of a “felony robbery.”   But he was also charged by a grand jury with “hate-crime enhancement.”  The robbery aspect of the offense appears to be used in an attempt to lessen the chance of Dedmon receiving the death penalty.  But, Anderson’s family has already asked that the death penalty not be sought by the judicial system because of possible religious reasons.

Read more on the case here.  And those of you who have supported Davis, pay close attention to how this unfolds.  Because if justice prevails, his Deryl Paul’s last name will become his fate.  Watch the case here.  Warning: they will be showing the video footage of the diabolical event.

-J.C. Brooks

5 thoughts on “White Teens Kill Black Man in Race Crime (Video)”

  1. Oh, I will be following this case. I followed the case of Troy Davis and even signed the petition to try to get the death penalty stopped and I live in NC. I thought was they did to Troy Davis was unfair and unjust and if this case doesn’t have the same way then we will definitely know what the real reasons things are going the way they are in the world today and something needs to be done about it. He is an adult and should damn well be treated like one as well as the rest of the damn idiots that were with him. I know and hope that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the rest pay close attention to this case to see what happens so they can be ready to do what they do best.

  2. He is better off committing suicide…prison will be an awful place for him! The african american population will kill/rape the first chance they get

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