Floyd Mayweather Vs. Larry Merchant Post Fight (Video)

Floyd Mayweather gets in Larry Merchant's face after winning the bout with Victor Ortiz over not getting a "fair shake" from the broadcaster Saturday, September 17, 2011.

Everyone knows by now, whether they ordered the fight or not, that Floyd Mayweather beat Victor Ortiz when they fought Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  But, the win was shrouded in a bit of controversy because to some it looked like Mayweather “sucker punched” Ortiz to get the drop on him.

But, while Mayweather may have caught Ortiz off guard, they say all is fair in love and boxing.  Ortiz head butted Mayweather, tried to “apologize” and then the referee gave them the okay to resume boxing and BAM! Ortiz saw bluebirds flying around his head and before you knew it, it was over.  But then the next fight started.

Larry Merchant, 80, has been broadcasting on boxing matches for about 40 years and according to Mayweather he doesn’t feel he likes him that much, so he doesn’t give him a “fair shake.” So, when he got ready to start asking Mayweather about the controversial punch, Mayweather lit into him.  He told Merchant, “You ain’t shit!  HBO should fire you.”  Merchant blasted back saying, “If I were 50 years younger, I’d kick your ass!”  It was reported later that Merchant said even at 30 he wouldn’t have beat his ass.

Check it out!

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