10-Year Old ‘Workout Kid’ Fights Obesity with Exercise Program (Video)

The Workout Kid, 10-year old CJ Senter, with CNN's T.J. Holmes showing him how to stay fit.

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness month and there is at least one young man fighting to be fit and helping fellow children everywhere do the same.  He admitted that young people just sit in the house and “watch TV and play video games”, so he is showing them how to make fitness fun.  Kids should listen to a kid, right?  Well, at least the lil’ ladies will.  He already has muscles.

CNN’s T.J. Holmes was willing to let 10-year old CJ Senter give him a quick workout this weekend.  He wanted to represent for the adults to show him he that we all can benefit from his fitness tips.  Senter already has a workout video that not only looks fun for kids, but shows them that fitness is for all ages. 

There’s too many parents that give their children junk food and think that they are going to burn it off watching re-runs of the Looney Tunes.  These days, children are facing real health issues because they don’t run outside and play till the street light comes on like we did.  So cut back on the junk food parents and slip in this young man’s video when they’re ready to snuggle up with the TV.  Check him out.

-J.C. Brooks

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