Woman Detained on Detroit Flight 9/11 Claims Racial Profiling

Shoshana Hebshi, 35, was detained on September 11, on her flight from Denver to Detroit.

We wrote a story on Sunday, September 11, about two flights that were shadowed by fighter jets because of suspicious activity on board.  Well the story is back again with a young woman from the Denver to Detroit flight that was detained as a part of the suspicious activity on board.

According to the Detroit News, a 35-year old communications specialist, Shoshana Hebshi, who is of Arab and Jewish descent took to a blog writing  that the Frontier Airlines flight she was on was detained for 2 hours and she was unfairly targeted by police.  She went on to say that she was detained and subjected to a cavity check without having done anything to spark their interest in her besides being Arab.

Two other men were also taken into custody.  They were sitting tin the same row with her and they may have assumed they were together.  Read more here.  Don’t be surprised if our next story is about her lawsuit.

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