Wal-Mart Brings Back Layaway Plan

The choir of Wal-marters out there are singing its praises as the Christmas season begins, for most, right now. Those who affectionately refer to their favorite store as “The W” are simply giddy with the deals that are beginning this weekend, not to mention the return of the  layaway plan.

The layaway has been a staple in the black community since bartering lost its momentum approximately 60 years ago.  According to Market Watch, The W is gearing up for a recession marketing strategy by making itself more appealing to the general public and the reality of its financial status. They are also trying to remain a formidable competitor against other chains like Sears and Kmart–who have already brought back their layaway plans– by bringing back their layaway.

The service is only available during the holiday season from October 17  to December 16, but we’ll take it.  They also chopped dozens of toys down to $15 September 12, through their coveted “rollback” deals.

Read more here  while you build your shopping list.

-J.C. Brooks

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