Bank Forecloses and Evicts 101-Year Old Detroit Woman

Texana Hollis, 101, was evicted from her Detroit home and left on the street for hours September 13, 2011.

The city of Detroit is relentlessly pursued and shamed in the media and this is just one more story to add to it.  At a time when homes in the city are going for a little more than it costs to buy a hoopty, folks are still seeking housing and being evicted from their homes.  Those numbers now include a 101-year old woman who was evicted from a home that she actually owned.

According to local ABC affiliate WXYZ, Texana Hollis and her late husband Ira owned the house, but her son, Warren Hollis, 65, talked his mother into a reverse mortgage that only netted the family a mere $32,000.  He received bills in the mail on taxes owed and just threw the bills away. HUD now owns the home.

Hollis was taken to Henry Ford Hospital after having an anxiety attack and being thrown on the street along with her belongings.  She sat in her wheelchair on the sidewalk for 12 hours with no help.  This is absolutely ridiculous!  Maybe that’s what HUD thought because they have since took the locks off her doors, allowing her back in.  But, she may not ever get to go back in the home she lived in for 58 years if she doesn’t recover from the shock of this incident.

Check out the heart breaking details here.

-J.C. Brooks

6 thoughts on “Bank Forecloses and Evicts 101-Year Old Detroit Woman”

  1. Bank? Dude .. Barack Obama runs HUD, owner of this house and the mortager. Barack Obama threw this woman into the fucking street.

  2. She got screwed by having a worthless family. She had a reverse mortgage on her house and failed to pay taxes, so she underwent tax foreclosure.

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