Woman Dies After Homemade Beef Juice Cosmetic Surgery

Well, it’s official! We are in a recession.  People have been doing so bad financially, that they’ve taken Suze Orman’s advice and have started to cut corners and do what we would hire professionals to do, for ourselves.  But, this woman may have taken that advice a little bit too far. 

According to ABC, an Illinois woman, Janet Hardt, 63, obviously couldn’t afford to keep up her “legitimate” cosmetic surgery and had turned to treating herself at home with “hot beef fat” injections.  Yes…HOT BEEF FAT!  She would boil the meat then drain it for the fat and inject it into her face!  Yes…I said, HER FACE!

What in the fraggle nackle bull shizzle is this? Can anyone attest to knowing others out there that are performing at-home cosmetic procedures like this?  Because if they are, run them down to the local hospital to get checked out.  Doctors say that this woman didn’t die from the injections but from an infection in her abdominal wall called Peritonitis.

Read more here.  I can’t even go on with this report!

-J.C. Brooks

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