Ship Sinks Off Coast of Tanzania Killing Over 200

Authorities carry the bodies of babies from ship that sank off the coast of Tanzania Saturday, September 10, 2011.

A ferry left Tanzania’s shores Saturday, well over capacity when it began to sink.  The ship not only carried people, but also cargo.  Children were saving children and others used some of the cargo items (i.e. mattresses, freezers, building materials) as flotation devices to make it back to shore.

According to the Huffington Post, 600 people were rescued, but a final number of passengers that were on board is not known.   There were 240 passengers killed and there are 129 children that were displaced, but at the time of the report, 79 have been reunited with their families.

The captain of the ship is missing and it is not certain why he and his crew would allow the ship to sail with more than 800 passengers. Some people were “mutilated” by the falling cargo.  The government of Tanzania is picking up the funeral costs for all that died in the tragic accident.  Read more here.

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