New Footage Reveals Jackie O. thought MLK was ‘Terrible’

Jackie Onassis Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Some historians and researchers have said things about Martin Luther King that are unbelievable for the general public.  But now, footage from the 60’s has surfaced and a beloved U.S. figure has defiled his name too. reported that ABC has obtained rights to audio footage where Jackie Onassis Kennedy is saying that she heard that Martin Luther King not only planned the  March on Washington in 1963, but also planned for an “orgy in the hotel” during the weekend.  She probably got wind of it because she was worried her husband was invited.

But, she also talks about how MLK talked about her husband’s funeral and, obviously, that was the last straw for her because she is on the tape saying, “I just can’t see a picture of Martin Luther King without thinking, you know, that man’s terrible.”

Caroline Kennedy cleaned up the tape saying that her mother had grown to admire MLK and attended his funeral.  On the tape, Jackie O. also reveals more about JFK and it can all be heard and seen on ABC, Tuesday, September 13 during a two-hour special on the former first lady.

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