MLK Site Traffic Detoured to Racist Site with Tech Trick

Martin Luther King, Jr., always got attention from white supremacists, but now we’re giving the white supremacists the attention.  We have all unwittingly been led somewhere we didn’t intend by a search term we thought was harmless.  Who would think that if you type “MLK memorial” or “Martin Luther King” into the search engine that somehow we’d end up in the midst of a white supremacy site?

Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tricks, reported Tuesday that a racist site was topping the search log for Google if you used any type of MLK terminolgy.  The information the writer found from a heated “Googler” that was incensed by the results of their latest MLK search, not only let the world know how they felt, they gave a great tutorial of how to fight back at this type of thing.

Now if only someone could fight against the porn sites popping up in the search results every time a child has a school assignment remotely associated with love.  Check it out here.

-J.C. Brooks

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